Born from the passionate pursuit of blending feminine elegance with the world of professional Olympic shotgun shooting, our founder’s remarkable journey has led us to Cartucci, where sustainability meets style in the most captivating way.

As a distinguished athlete, representing India on the global stage and adorned with international medals, our visionary founder sought to infuse her love for jewelry and fashion with a traditionally masculine-oriented sport. Sparked by her ingenuity, she began crafting pendants and brooches based on the consumables she had skillfully used. In that transformative moment, a realization dawned upon her: that while sharing her passion with others, she could give new life to these materials.

Cartucci stands as a testament to authenticity and unwavering sustainability. We are committed to breathing fresh vitality into discarded materials, transforming them into stunning handcrafted pieces that radiate empowerment and conscience. With each adornment, we aim to celebrate the beauty of reinvention and embrace the limitless possibilities of upcycled artistry.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of empowerment and join us on this extraordinary journey. From the most authentic source, our creations epitomize the fusion of style and sustainability. As you don our handcrafted pieces, may you feel the same empowering energy that courses through our veins—a sense of purpose, a sense of limitless potential.

With Cartucci, you become part of a profound movement, where every piece holds the power to inspire change, create conversation, and make a lasting impact. Together, let us reimagine the boundaries of fashion and pave the way for a more conscious future.

PRODUCTS DISCLAIMER: All our products are reconditioned, thoroughly cleaned, and guaranteed to be completely hygienic. They have been meticulously upcycled from single-use brass scrap, rendering them incapable of being re-used or active in any way. Rest assured, no fumes, discharge or effluent exists as these items have undergone a comprehensive transformation in line with our commitment to sustainability and safety.


“Been wearing the gold necklace for a while now.. wears well, looks good and feels wonderful! I love it!”

RATNA K. The Striker Necklace in Gold (Gemstone) 1 year ago

“I love wearing the earrings. Not only do they look great but the concept behind them makes them even better!”

MIHIKA MEHRA The Bella Earrings in Silver 1 year ago

“Elegantly Bold. No two words better describe the cartridge cufflinks. An accessory that embodies charm while adding an intriguing edge to my ensemble!”

GAVIN KOCHAR The Kronos Cufflinks in Gold 2 years ago

“Fantastic products and great concept. Love that you’ve made shells into something wearable that looks good and can be enjoyed so much.”

KARAN KUMAR The Vinci Bangle in Gold 2 years ago

“Great product, I’ve been looking for something unique for quite a while and the bangle definitely checks the list. I love how it catches your eye and goes so well with all kinds of clothing.”

YUVRAJ MAHAJAN The Vinci Bangle in Silver 2 years ago